Progressive Business Publications
Newsletter FAQ

  • How do you verify orders?
    We put quality first.  As a result, we maintain extensive digital records on every order for quality control purposes.  This we verifies the authenticity of an order.  In addition, we ask for a customers month and day of birth when they are signing up to confirm that we spoke with them.
  • How do your subscriptions work?
    We believe the best way to evaluate our newsletters is to see them first hand.  As a result, every subscription we offer includes a 60 day, no-questions-asked cancellation policy.  Our many tens of thousands of customers tell us they appreciated the opportunity to try out our newsletters.
  • Who subscribes to your newsletters?
    Over 150,000 companies subscribe to and rely on our newsletter publications including virtually the entire Fortune 1,000.
  • How do I cancel?
    As long as your in the 60 day trial period, simply mark cancel on the invoice and mail it back or let us know by phone, email, or fax with your account information, and your account will be cancelled no-questions-asked.
  • What makes your newsletters unique?
    1. Fast Read Format – PBP’s newsletters are designed for busy professionals.  Every issue is crafted to be ready cover to cover in 20 min.
    2. Actionable Content – Our customers expect us to only include content that is actionable, practical, and helps them do their jobs better.
    3. Written by Experts – Our expert editorial staff has real world experience in the industries they cover, helping them deliver only the most relevant content.
  • What guarantee do you offer?
    Every subscription is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee   If, for any reason, you decide the newsletter no longer helps you do your job better, we’ll refund the unused balance of your subscription upon request.  We refuse to offer customers anything but the best.